Flowverse Socks

The OG community of 111 Flow Blockchain NFT collectors, creators and builders


The Community

Founders and CEOs of many top Flow Projects own Flowverse Socks, alongside the most die-hard Flow NFT investors and collectors

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The Art

Flowverse Socks were designed by NYC-based 3D Artist & designer, Jenny Jiang

Physical Socks

Owning a Flowverse Sock NFT enables you to get physical Flowverse Socks

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Join the Community

Once you buy a Flowverse Sock, verify ownership in the Flowverse Discord to join the community and be notified of future utility, and Flowverse alpha 👀

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Missing Socks?

Socks have been upgraded to their own dedicated smart contract. The previous contract is now deprecated. Upgrade your v1.0 Socks to see them on Flowverse NFT.

Upgrade now

Flowverse is built by the Flow Blockchain community, for the Flow Blockchain community. This is why owning a Flowverse Sock NFT grants you access to the gated Sock Club channel in our Discord.

Through this channel, you can vote on your top Flow projects, chat with the Sock community, be alerted to the latest Sock utilities and receive interesting insights from the founders of Flowverse and some of the most devoted community members on the ground.

Curation of Flow Projects

If you hold one of the 111 Flowverse Sock NFTs, you can vote on your favourite Flow NFTs with Sock ratings set to be published on the Flowverse Twitter and Website.

Why? Flowverse Sock holders are amongst the earliest, most loyal and engaged members of the Flow ecosystem with a birds-eye view of everything going on. There are ~100 unique owners of Socks making the group well-positioned to vote fairly on the top Flow Blockchain projects and help curate as the ecosystem opens up and begins to grow permissionlessly.

Unlock your Physical Sock

Flowverse partnered with the leading NFT to physical good company in the business, Web3Wear.

Each Flowverse Sock NFT is redeemable for one corresponding pair of physical Socks. After-all it’s imperative that no one in Sock Club has cold feet. 

Random upgrades to Flow NFTs

If you hold a Flowverse Sock and participate in a partnering NFT drop, you have the chance to receive upgraded NFTs.

For example, those that bought the Flunks initial sale, received a rare-trait Flunk with a dope ‘Flocks’ background.


From time to time, Flowverse partners with NFT collections for airdrops and whitelist access to their NFTs. Examples include the Goated Goats Sock hat airdrop above, and the RacingTime NFT airdrop.

So far, there has been both a RacingTime play-to-ear car and Goated Goats sock hat airdrop, as well as access to drops including The Fabricant and South China Morning Post.

Things move at the speed of light in web3 and the Flowverse which is why these bonuses happen quite unexpectedly but nonetheless delightfully.


Socks by Flowverse NFTs were designed by NYC-based metaverse artist Jenny Jiang. The 111 Socks were then distributed to some of the earliest, most committed and most engaged Flowverse community members for Christmas 2021.

Flowverse Socks x Flunks

Flowverse Sock holders who participated in the Flunks NFT drop received a rare upgraded Flunk with the rainbow Flocks background.

Sock Community

Owning a Flowverse Sock NFT is the key to the private Sock Club Discord Channel. Sock holder Bz, created this web app so you can see current holders of Flowverse Socks.

Flowverse Socks x Goated Goats

Flowverse Sock holders received a Goated Goats Sock Beanie NFT airdrop.

Flow Blockchain Voting

Flowverse Sock Club holders help Flowverse curate the Flow Blockchain ecosystem. The first Sock Club voting took place in May 2022 with voters each receiving 100 Sock XP.

Flowverse Socks x Web3Wear

Flowverse has partnered with the leading NFT merchandise company, Web3Wear. Each Sock NFT is redeemable for one pair of physical Socks.

Flowverse Socks x Zeedz

Two beautiful art piece NFTs created by Zeedz in collaboration with Flowverse Socks. They are an exclusive surprise airdrop only available to Flowverse Sock holders, with 50% receiving the Chestnut family edition and 50% receiving the Echeveria family edition.

Flowverse Socks x Increment Fi

Increment Fi partnered with Flowverse Sock club to airdrop their “core-member” FLOAT NFT to Sock holders. This FLOAT can be staked on the Increment Fi platform to earn daily USDC.

Flowverse Socks x Matrix Market

Flowverse Socks levelled up from v1 into v2 (their own custom NFT contract). The brilliant team at Matrix Labs generously created the new smart contract and mint site.

Flowverse Socks x Flowty

Flowverse Socks partnered with leading NFTFi company, Flowty to enable Sock holders to take out loans using their NFT as collateral, as well as rent out their Socks

Sock Club's Favourite Flow Blockchain Projects

Frequently asked questions

What are Flowverse Socks?

Flowverse Socks are the original, official Flowverse NFT. Each of the 111 Sock NFTs unlocks one physical pair of Socks and membership to Sock Club.
Sock Club membership has additional benefits. Previously, this has included upgrades in partnering Flow Blockchain NFT mints, allow list access to projects, airdrops and project voting.

What are the origins of Flowverse Socks?

Flowverse Socks were given away for free by the Flowverse team as a Christmas present to some early, loyal and engaged community members in the Flowverse and wider Flow Blockchain ecosystem.

How can I buy a Flowverse Socks NFT?

Sock NFTs can now be purchased on the Rarible secondary marketplace. If purchasing, always make sure the creator is the verified Flowverse account on Rarible (yellow tick mark) and be particularly diligent of fake/ scam listings.

I have a Flowverse Sock NFT, how can I join Sock Club?

Verify your ownership of Flowverse Socks in the #verify-nft channel of the Flowverse Discord. This will enable you to join both the Sock Club channel and Sock Announcements channel.

What is the trading volume of Flowverse Sock NFTs?

View Sales data here.

Who designed Socks by Flowverse?

These NFTs are created by Designer and 3D motion (metaverse) artist Jenny Jiang
She is a 3D artist and designer based in NYC. She graduated from Parsons School of Design and is running a 3D design studio with clients including Apple Music, Sony Music, Baccarat and more.
Her work has been featured on various art, fashion and design media including Hypebae and Visual Atelier. Earlier this year she was also featured in the Paris Hilton collection on Opensea!

How to redeem for physical socks?

Flowverse has partnered with the leading NFT merchandise company, Web3Wear. Each Sock NFT is redeemable for one pair of physical Socks.

How to buy Flowverse Sock NFTs?

Go to the Rarible marketplace and you can pay using Blocto wallet. If you haven't set up a Blocto wallet, follow Method 3 in this Blog Post. Still having trouble? Don't hesitate to ask a friendly support team member in the Flowverse Discord.